SUNANDBASS Podcast #57 – DJ Delicat

Podcast #57 comes from one of the founders of SUNANDBASS, DJ Delicat. It was in 2003 that he and the other founders made their first forays into San Teodoro for what has now become, as we fast-forward into 2017, one of the most well-known and respected Drum & Bass festivals in the world.

His love for Drum & Bass was forged in the mid 90’s thanks to being passed tape packs from his English school exchange, none other than Utah Jazz. This burgeoning passion was soon cemented in infamous venues around South Germany, such as the legendary underground club Vibration in Forst, and the huge rave Mecca, MS Connexion in Mannheim.

In 2017 his hunger for the music is as great as ever. He continues to enjoy the full spectrum of Drum & Bass, always seeking out new and diverse sounds with a completely open ear to whatever style or sub genre it may be. As he currently crosses Australia and New Zealand for the SUNANDBASS Tour, this mix gives a snapshot into the music he’s currently enjoying and playing, and illustrates the SUNANDBASS ethos and vibe perfectly in a one hour mix – check it, DJ Delicat on the ones and twos!


V Recordings Podcast 047- Hosted by Bryan Gee

01. Mr Joseph – Good Vibes feat. Deeizm & T.R.A.C.
02. Raw Q – The Ambiance
03. Rowpieces – Do What You Want
04. Rowpieces – Love Connection
05. Patife & Vangeliez – On The Floor
06. Furney – Fairwell
07. Villem & McLeod – Perfect Solution feat. MC Fats
08. LSB – Circle Feat Tyler Daley
09. Christina Tamayo & Submorphics – Lost In The Lights
10. Paul SG – You’ll Never Know feat. MC Conrad
11. Mr Joseph – Die For The Funk
12. Mr Joseph – Inner Haze
13. Paul SG – Poverty feat. T.R.A.C.
14. Critical Impact & DJ SS – Bassover
15. Alibi – Trunk feat. MC Coppa
16. Command Strange – Unlimited Bass
17. Command Strange Selecta
18. Break & Total Science – Betamax
19. Serum, Paul T & Edward Oberon – Take My Breath Away
20. Serum, Jaybee & Dave Owen – Pure Vibes
21. Flaco – Inferno feat. Submorphics
22. Euphorics – Public Secret
23. Paul T & Edward Oberon – Put It Down
24. The Invaderz – Underground
25. Break – Free Your Mind Remix
26. Alibi – No Escape Feat Nitri
27. Serum – Redeemer
28. L-Side & Roger Bari – Rock It
29. Simon Bassline Smith – Music And Life
30. Simon Bassline Smith – Jungle
31. Simon Bassline Smith – Distinction
32. Simon Bassline Smith – Mine
33. Simon Bassline Smith – Palminio
34. A-Sides – Avenger feat. T.R.A.C.
35. Think Tonk – Black Trantula feat. MC Spyda

Evolution – a Deep Progressive Psychologie Trance Mix

Leiwander psychologic Trance Mix. Übrigends der erste dieser Art auf

Opposite8 – Speak Live (feat. Solarix)
Opposite8 – All About Forgiveness (feat. Space Cat)
Ovnimoon – Turn Off the Lights (Ovnimoon Remix)
Ritmo – Declare (Ovnimoon Remix)
Sunstryk – Ascending Soul (Ovnimoon Remix)
Gaudium – Inside the Box
Gaudium – Torn Melodies
Sonic Entity – Sub Preassure
Liquid Sound & Argonnight – The Story of the Wather
E-Clip – Moonsight
Gaudium – SSRI
Gaudium – Just in Front
Ahmet Atasever – All Yours (Ovnimoon Remix)

Guter Psychologe / Psychologin in Krems